The thought of hauling everything you own to a new place can be daunting for just about anyone. While the internet is full of tips, hacks, and useful tricks to make your next move easier, ultimately it requires a lot of work and sweat to get the job done right.

Downsizing is a great way to not only take the stress out of moving, but also make the move easier in surprising ways. For example, hosting a yard sale prior to moving can put a little extra cash in your pocket to use when you reach your new home.

Which Items Should I Toss Before Moving?

If you’re stumped as to what you can afford to let go or you’re simply having trouble making your downsizing checklist, the following items are some of our top recommendations to toss before your next move:

Disposing of Old Medications

Medicines expire just like food. After they reach their expiration dates, they might no longer function as intended. Some medications may even cause unpleasant or dangerous side effects if taken after the expiration date. It’s better safe than sorry, and better to throw out old medications instead of taking them with you.

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Decrepit Houseplants

If you’ve been struggling to keep a rubber tree alive or have other houseplants that have seen better days, moving them to a new house may stress them out too much to salvage them once you arrive. If you’re not confident that a houseplant is healthy enough for a move or if there’s any chance you might be bringing a pest nest with you, it’s best to simply get rid of it before moving day.

Disposing of Paint

You might have found a great shade of house paint for your exterior or interior that you love, but that same shade may not look as good in your new house. Since you know it will match the colors in your old place, you could potentially label the cans with the rooms to which they correspond and leave it tidily stacked in a garage or basement for the new owner to use for patch jobs if they wish, but it’s generally better to toss old paint. Paint disposal tip: mix it with cat litter so that it turns into a solid as the litter absorbs the moisture. Then the paint cans can be placed in your trash for regular pick up. Liquid paint should never be put in the trash as it will reach into the landfill.

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You might have a fuel tank in your shed or garage that you use to fill a lawnmower or snow blower. If you have old fuel lying around, it’s best to dispose of it safely instead of taking it with you when you move. Driving with a tank of fuel inside a vehicle can potentially cause it to spill over your other items, not only causing damage but also possibly creating a fire hazard.

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